It's always about the little steps you take and every conscious decision you make to carve a planet friendly path for a better tomorrow. 
We strongly believe that ‘Sustainability’ is a powerful word that comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s a commitment and a journey that begins with us, the brand, being as responsible in sourcing the finest quality fabrics as possible, and designing each with a purpose that it adds on to a sustainable wardrobe.
At Cosset Clothing, we have made conscious choices as much as possible.
  • Our products are proudly Made in India, with the help of local artisans, craftspersons and local talent.
  • Our fabrics are sourced from certified vendors across India, majorly local manufacturers in and around New Delhi. 
  • Every design is made using either eco friendly or natural fabric, where maximum composition is Pure. 
  • We also work with local factories that provide fair working conditions to their employees, artisans, and other associates.
  • We strongly believe that "Quality wins over Quantity", and all our styles are designed keeping this in mind to help you curate the ultimate Capsule Wardrobe. 
  • We believe that luxury must not always come at exuberant prices, and should rather become a way of life. To make this happen, we aim to provide our customers with the true cost of every product.
  • We work on nominal markups to ensure that every employee's and artisan's efforts are met with their deserving dues, all the while offering affordable luxury to each customer at premium quality and pricing. 



A tiny part of a rather bigger cycle, Eco friendly fashion adds to a growing circular economy where “one industry’s waste can become another industry’s raw material”.

An extension to our beliefs, efforts, and promise to bring to you only the best, we have worked on a project with RangPunch Creative Crafts to create handcrafted pieces for you, while ensuring that the journey of our raw materials doesn’t end up in landfills! Our Upcycled Vanity Essentials Satin Scrunchies are designed using our production cut outs of Rose Petal and Orange Peel Fabrics.