Upcycled Vanity Essentials

Designed using our production cut outs of Rose Petal and Orange Peel Fabrics, our Upcycled Vanity Essentials Satin Scrunchies are perfect to pair with all your OOTDs. The unmatchable sheen and fine quality of these eco friendly fabrics add just the right amount of oomph to your wardrobe.
As a gift from us to you, receive a pair of these luxurious Satin Scrunchies on every order. T&C Apply. 
Style it as you like it! 
At Cosset Clothing, we believe in optimum utilisation of every raw material that’s been a part of our production. And this vision helps us introspect all our forthcoming steps. By sourcing locally, we’ve committed ourselves to this journey of consciousness that begins with us but continues with our consumers.🏷🛒 A tiny part of a rather bigger cycle, Eco friendly fashion adds to a growing circular economy where “one industry’s waste can become another industry’s raw material”. ♻️
Our collaboration with RangPunch Creative Crafts is an extension to our beliefs, efforts, and promise to bring to you only the best!
A homegrown brand, RangPunch Creative Crafts strives to design and create innovative, customised, handmade articles for you and your Home. Each product is especially handcrafted with love and affection to suit your likes as well as elevate and enhance your lifestyle. Check out their collection of accessories and home decor at thier page.
Discover our range of eco friendly fabrics, here

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