Our Story

We come from a place where we believe that in order to be classic, you shouldn’t have to compromise on what you believe is the best version of yourself. Contrary to popular belief, looking fashionable is possible without having to succumb to uncomfortable fits. We believe that simple yet classic silhouettes fill in exactly that void.


To us, our most important virtue is to help you embrace your true self. And as they say, fashion is the best way to express who you are. We have envisioned our Brand as your companion that offers versatility, durability and functionality to your wardrobe, all the while being as planet friendly as possible!


At Cosset Clothing, we believe that classic picks which are timeless and cared for, lend themselves to a versatile capsule wardrobe which goes beyond dynamic trends. With our continued efforts, we’d strive to bring together a community of conscious buyers who value quality over quantity, and take this journey a step further.

Meet The Founders

“With a vision to sustain a community that values conscious fashion, Cosset Clothing was launched to offer premium everyday essentials, core basics, and investment pieces that build the foundation of a sustainable wardrobe which doesn't wear off with seasons and trends!”

Founder & Creative Head

"Cosset Clothing was launched keeping in mind the women who value clothes & fashion as a part of their life. It's about understanding the whole process of craftsmanship behind making a piece of clothing and appreciating the efforts."

Co-founder & Social Media Head