3 Ways To Style Your Pullover This Fall

It’s very difficult to go wrong with a classic sweater. This guide is to ensure that you don’t, under any circumstances. 

As colder days approach, we all have that one pullover that's basically our go-to the entire season. As soon as you put it on, it envelopes you in a snug sensation. While this intense comfort is the reason we keep pairing it with our black leggings day in and day out (hey, no judgment here), it’s the same comfort that keeps us from realizing the full potential of this sweater. 

With a day full of chores and a lengthy to-do list, your sweater is undoubtedly the easiest and most cozy option. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you dress it up so that you can look chic without compromising on your comfort. Here’s how you can do that: 

Over a flannel shirt and jeans 

For the approaching weather, women's flannel shirts are just as functional as pullovers. Wear your pullover with a buttoned flannel underneath and let the collar peek out. The age-old combination works seamlessly now that flannel shirts are available in a variety of colors. The flannel can be worn untucked for a relaxed, '80s-inspired vibe or tucked in for a more poised appearance.

We would recommend trying this combination with our Jane Pullover in Charcoal. Made from Pure Cotton Wool, it has the potential to be your comfiest knitted companion. It is super lightweight but keeps you warm when it counts. This minimal yet statement sweater is also available in the color Blueberry, with streaks of the quirky electric blue at the hem and the sleeves. 



The combination offers the opportunity to play around with a lot of patterns and colors. Since the layering train isn’t leaving anytime soon, it’s better to get on board. Complete the look with your favorite jeans and trusted brown boots.  When it comes to jeans, you have a lot of options ranging from ripped, mom fit to the back-in-trend flared bottoms. They’re essential for any casual outfit and when done right, go a long way in making your lazy days seem trendy.


With a Trendy Skirt/Pants

Pick out your favorite pencil skirt, and tuck it into your sweater to accentuate proportions. This attire is sophisticated and possesses a dash of elegance that makes it the perfect ensemble for your workplace or a ladies’ night. Dress up the look with a pair of strappy heels, or own your comfort with a pair of loafers. 

For a look that exudes nothing but professionalism, wear your pullover with our Amy Pants in Dusty Rose. This pair of pants is versatile, structured and hugs your figure in all the right places. The muted mauve shade with hints of brown is a perfect reflection of the season and ideal for work and parties both. The crisp pleats that begin at the high-rise waist meet the statement cutout hem and make you stand out wherever you go. 


Pair it with our Sutton Jumper in Charcoal for a fine, finished look. With billowy sleeves and a cozy turtleneck, this sweater is elegance personified.  With an extremely stretchable knit that keeps you snug all the time, the sleek cuffs that cling to your wrists add just the right amount of oomph to your outfit. 

Over an Undershirt and Leggings

The top you wear under your sweater doesn’t have to be visible. An undershirt can solve the purpose just fine. It provides a smooth barrier between your skin and your sweater which helps stop perspiration from getting to your sweater. The look can be completed with a stylish pair of leggings. Finish the look with boots to keep your feet warm and covered on chilly days.

Try out this ensemble with our Jane Pullover in Peony. Made with subtle pink yarn, the structured sweater features a streak of charcoal at the hem and the sleeves. This snug piece is a half-and-half jumper, perfect for those who love to keep it minimal and impactful. 

Pullover sweaters in fashionable patterns and colors are essential for your wardrobe in the coming months. The traditional pullover is a versatile piece with endless possibilities for styling. It can work for any occasion and give you the confidence you need to get through the day with your head held high.

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