6 Failsafe Ways Of Styling Your Oversized Shirt

Off the top of your head, how many clothing items do you think can be twisted and turned to be used as a dress, a jacket, over a bikini, and more? 

That’s right. There are hardly any. However, at the very top of the list is your oversized shirt. With a whole host of fashionable ways to style it, this trend is here to stay. 

The casual and comfy fit is ideal for the cooler days that we are heading into. While your closet must feature form-fitting pieces, baggy pieces are also essential- especially large shirts. It's a breezy necessity for summer heat and large enough to work as a layer during winter. 

It’s perfect for a night of Netflix and Chill, but teamed with a pair of heels or boots? The entire outfit takes on a bolder and sexier appeal. Whatever your fashion preferences may be, an oversized shirt features in almost all wardrobes. 

Here are some of our favorite takes on the oversized wave, and we cannot wait for you to try them all out! 

Make It A Lightweight Jacket 

The oversized button-down is gaining steady traction and we love the fact that it transcends seasons seamlessly. It's ideal for days when it is not cold enough to bring out the sweatshirts, but wearing a single top makes it a bit too chilly. For those days, you have our Pure Cotton Linen Oversized Shirt in Caramel

It goes without saying that the best part about the piece is the color. The neutral brownish shade enhances  the rich lightweight texture of this fabric and goes well with almost everything. The oversized shirt features chic baggy sleeves with broad cuffs which can be easily folded for a more relaxed look. The Pure Cotton Linen has a flowy silhouette for a dreamy and comfy experience. You can pair it with the trending wide-legged jeans and get the party started! 

Wear It With Your Pants

With a pair of stylish pants and heels, a button-down shirt gives the most elegant vibe that you could ask for. The outfit becomes dressier and boosts your confidence like nothing else can. If you’re searching for the perfect companion for your oversized shirt, try it out with our Moss Satin Pants in Champagne, the perfect piece to add an oomph factor to your outfit. 

The pants have been intricately designed with a statement waistband and side zip that gives it a flattering and elongating effect. The warm-toned beige shade adds to the glossy finish and the lightweight satin possesses an innate elasticity that keeps you comfortable all day long. These pants can also fulfill your “for the planet” quota for the month. Obtained from Orange Peel Fibers, the material has a stunning textured sheen and is super comfortable. The color has hues of light orange, yellow, white and pink that acutely represent sophistication, excitement and comfort.

Power Up Your Power Suit

It’s a good year for your oversized shirts. Now that long blazers and wide-leg pants are back in fashion, your shirt is the perfect element to give an edge to the boss vibe you are aiming for. Tuck in our Pure Cotton Linen Oversized Shirt in Rose the next time you wear your suit, and the outfit will have a completely different vibe to it. 

This soothing, pastel pink shade is easy on the eyes and the fabric gets softer with each wash. The natural fabric allows for breathability throughout the day and gives you the confidence you need to seize the day. Featuring a classic collar and baggy sleeves, the shirt transcends seasons and is definitely wardrobe staple material. 

Over A Co-ord Set 

Speaking of casual and comfortable, wear a baggy button-down over your two-piece outfit. The shirt gives it a streetwear and casual brunch look. Take, for example, our Cotton Rib Coord Set in Rosewood. This would look terrific with an oversized shirt if you're not in the mood for a monochromatic outfit. 

The co-ord set, however, is perfect for your day-to-day activities. Even with an oversized shirt, it remains effortlessly comfortable and keeps you functional. The lounge pants feature an elasticated waistband and flared leg to elevate the outfit and fit true to size. With a dash of Spandex, the Pure Cotton grants a flattering silhouette to the outfit and with the oversized shirt, you cannot possibly go wrong. For a dressier look, complete the ensemble with strappy heels or dressy sandals. 

Knot It Up

When worn with a long skirt or high-waisted pants, a knotted, oversized button-down will highlight your proportions in all the right places. Go for a plain oversized shirt and playful bottoms, like ruffles or some quirky pattern. Consider our Timeless Satin Shirt in Vanilla, which is totally a wardrobe essential. The piece is tailored for a crop, relaxed fit and would look perfect knotted over your favorite crop top. With drop-down sleeves, this silhouette is universally flattering and comfortable. Designed using eco-friendly Rose Petal Fabric, the lightweight fabric feels second to skin and is ultra-breathable. 

Embrace The Baggy

Are you one of those people who feel like baggy clothes look like you just rolled out of bed? Well, the whole point of reclaiming baggy clothing is to use them to express yourself and exude comfort in your style. For a full-on baggy ensemble, pair your favorite oversized shirt with baggy pants, like Cosset’s Pure Cotton Linen Lounge Pants in Cream. 

This yummy shade of beige is a perfect embodiment of the serenity and timelessness this lounge pant represents. Designed with an elasticated waistband and pockets on the side, we believe in the perfect blend of comfort and style. At Cosset, we like to call them “secret pyjamas”. To add the extra zing to your look, pay attention to how you style you wear and do your eyes. We’d recommend smokey, but we also suggest going with what your heart says at the moment. 

If they weren’t already, we’re sure that oversized shirts are right on the track to becoming your favorite clothing items, owing to their adaptability. Take time while choosing the right cut and style for yourself. It has to be something that you enjoy wearing, which feels right as soon as you put it on. After these tips, we’re sure that you’re on the way towards mastering the oversized trend. 

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