6 Time-Tested And Fashionable Layering Ideas

For all fashionistas, winter undoubtedly becomes the toughest time of the year. The favorite skirts and tanks have to go inside, but not this year! 

Fortunately, most statement outfits this year are made with creative layering and bold statement pieces. This gives you the chance to develop a wardrobe that transcends seasons and does not harm the planet. 

The time to have fun with layering is here. Not only is it a fantastic way to stay cozy, but also adds more depth to your outfit. Read on to discover looks that have been making the headlines in 2022.

The Classic 2-Layer Jacket Combo

This is the easiest and most commonly witnessed layering trend. Combine light jackets and outerwear with a creative piece inside, and you’re all set to conquer the day! 

Picture this eco-friendly outfit:


Our Moss Satin Pants in Charcoal is a wardrobe staple and looks good with about everything else you may have in your cupboard. Available in the blackest black there is, the piece has been thoughtfully designed with Orange Peel Fabric that lends a beautiful, textured glossy finish. Now, add to it our super-comfy Oversized Cotton T-shirt in Shell. This classic shade of white with delicate hues of gray lends your attire a calm vibe and the neutral shade works throughout the year. This combination will be best complemented with our Miranda Jacket in Blueberry which has been winning hearts since it was introduced. This vibrant piece will breathe life into the ensemble and the oversized fit is ideal for your layering endeavors. With a collared neckline, ribbed cuffs and a zipper, there’s nothing more your heart could desire.

Mixing Silhouettes For The Win

The best gift that layering has given us is the fact that our favorite dresses can be worn around the year now! Paired with a long sweater or a puffer jacket, it is a great way to perfect a maximalist ensemble and show off all the great patterns you own. Tall boots are extra helpful when you need to stop the cold from seeping in, and the fact that they look awesome just makes it better. 

We’d recommend pairing our Daphne Cotton Dress in Vanilla with your black boots for a timeless look. The color is easy on the eyes, very tranquil and gives the piece an ethereal quality. The irregular hemline is great for breaking the monotony of a plain white dress and coupled with our Sutton Jumper in Charcoal, you’ve almost achieved perfection. With billowy sleeves and a cozy turtleneck, the dress will flow under this seamlessly and your outfit is complete!

Time To Bring Out The Tights

Tights are the best possible option when you want to flaunt your legs in your outfits while remaining warm. They work well under dresses and shorts both! 

Your snug tights would look wonderful with our Alexis Shorts in Lemonade. This bright pop of citrusy color is everything you need to stand out and dress up in an interesting blend of minimalism and chic. The fabric is made from wood pulp which is biodegradable and keeps you comfortable throughout the day. The edgy waistband and flattering silhouette elevate your outfit with just the right amount of sass you need to pull off the ensemble.

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The Turtleneck That Never Goes Out Of Fashion

You can trust us when we see that a fitted black turtleneck is going to be your most trusted aid when it comes to layering. Whether you stack a coat over it, layer it under a cute dress, or tuck it into a maxi skirt, it’s hard to go wrong with a block-coloured turtleneck. Now that we think of it, you might want to have a few of them handy. Our Cotton Mock Neck Tank in Charcoal is the perfect fit for your wardrobe, and would blend perfectly in all the aforementioned combinations. Crafted using Pure Cotton that has a next-to-skin softness, it keeps you super cozy when layered during the colder months of the year. The Mock Neck detailing elevates the entire outfit, giving you something to build the entire outfit around. It has a flattering and relaxed fit and is very breathable. 

You know what else they would look oh-so-dreamy with? Our Alexis Linen Pants in Peppermint. The color is a subtle mixture of classic mint with a touch of turquoise, and the natural fabric just gets better and softer with every wash. A true companion for all seasons, the breezy silhouette has been elevated to grant you supreme comfort. The pants are high-waisted and come with an edgy, geometrical waist belt.

Can’t Miss The Button-Down  

Every transitional wardrobe needs a solid button-down that can elevate any outfit instantly. Cue the latest trends, they can amp up your sweaters and present a refreshing twist to your favorite dresses. You could also take the crazy up a notch and mix it up with a graphic sweatshirt, sweater, or cardigan. 

Now, there are some shirts that every woman needs. Our Pure Cotton Linen Oversized Shirt in Caramel is one of them. The color is a perfect representation of the soothing and lightweight texture of the shirt. The breathable and flowy silhouettes are an ideal lounge look and with the right layers, can go from day to night in a beat. It also features the classic collar, baggy sleeves with broad cuffs, and a long u-shaped back with a shorter frontal hem. 

Show Them Who’s The Boss

Your black or white blazer is long overdue for a makeover. If you’re letting your hair down for the night, wear it over a sequined piece or a sultry pantsuit. It will also look fantastic over a LBD or printed frock. We cannot wait for you to pair it with our Cotton Mock Neck Tank in Mocha. The muted brown tone compliments every skin tone and the fabric hugs you in a flattering manner without sticking to your skin. With a relaxed fit, the Mock Neck detailing grants a certain flair to the outfit.

Add to the mix our Samantha Pants in Ginger, and there will be no stopping you. The material is highly breathable and aims to redefine comfort in structures. The color is a blend of tan brown with bright rust and can be paired with both neutrals and pastels. High-waisted, flared and flattering, Samantha completes this outfit seamlessly. 


Fashionable layering is an art, and you can never know enough. Apart from the fact that it is very practical, layering also provides an outlet for your creativity and uniqueness. It also goes well with our mission here at Cosset. Layering allows you to repurpose what you already own in an inventive manner, thereby minimizing wasteful fashion. 

There are so many wonderful ways to use the clothing you currently own in your closet to create new and creative ensembles, whether you're layering with cozy outerwear or experimenting with a new dress or skirt.

This is your sign to brush the dust off your unused items and layer them up this fall!


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