5 Transitional Fashion Trends To Swear By This Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and it comes with a side of anxiety about upgrading your wardrobe to suit the weather change. 

What you need are transitional silhouettes that can be used for a variety of purposes and are likely to remain evergreen. To save yourself from the daily hassle of slogging to put together impeccable outfits, we would recommend choosing some versatile staples that transcend weather conditions. As days grow shorter and cooler, investing in cozy outerwear, layers and practical footwear might be a good option. 

For Cosset’s environment-conscious customers, transitional fashion means that you make fewer purchases overall, thereby minimizing the harm otherwise caused to the planet. Dressing for autumn doesn't have to be difficult. Here is a list of five timeless transitional pieces that will never go out of fashion: 


A Flattering Bodysuit

Never thought of them? Well, you better now! 

These are nothing like those uncomfortable skin-tight catsuits you might have worn as a kid while dancing or during gymnastics. They offer support and style, whether worn as a statement under a well-fitted suit or as a standalone piece. Take into consideration this Lyocell Meryl Bodysuit by Cosset Clothing.
Made to grant fluidity to your movements through an undetectable pair of buttoned shorts that keep it tucked in place, this piece provides you ultimate comfort throughout the day. This bodysuit for women has been designed using LyocellTM, a eucalyptus plant-based fiber which does not harm the environment. 

The enhanced V-neckline is strategically ruched and the blueberry color serves to be a refreshing twist. Pair it with your favorite pants or that long skirt that has been waiting to get out of your wardrobe, and you’re ready to shine!

Lean Towards Warmer Shades

No, we don’t mean that you need to pack away your pastels. Instead, just go for a darker shade of purple. Or maybe, throw in some fall-shade accessories over your regular summer clothes. The definition of fall colors may vary from person to person, but we’re talking in the vicinity of forest green, plum, orange, copper, red wine, navy blue and mustard yellow.

Check out this Fern Green Miranda Jacket that can easily go from casual to dressy, and fits in our shade checklist seamlessly. 

The Ageless White Button-Down 

No list of transitional fashion can ever be complete without featuring this absolute work of art. Whoever came up with a white linen shirt deserves an award, for sure. 

This multi-functional piece can be used as a cover-up, a denim accomplice and most importantly, a Zoom Call essential. The pairing possibilities are truly endless. A classic women's shirt can be worn over slip dresses, under blazers, and alongside pants and jeans alike. Our Linen Oversized Shirt is a super breathable piece that transcends seasons and years alike. You can go for a monotone look or pair it with a contrasting color and be all set. 

Alternatively, this Timeless Satin Shirt, made with organic rose petal fabric and a relaxed fit, is just what you need to conquer the world. This luxe satin shirt can be worn under your favorite pantsuit or paired with high-waisted blue jeans, you choose! 


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Layer it up

With all the buzz that has been surrounding blazers and jumpers lately, you have a wonderful shot at layering this fall. Instead of relying solely on your heavily knit and sturdy coat, a cotton wool jacket layered with our Cotton Mock Neck Tank will look more aesthetic. Layer your outfit to extend the summer vibe instead of announcing that ‘Winter is coming’. 

Cosset’s Jane Pullovers are just what you need to add a posh and poised touch to your look. Finish off with a stylish cape or a cozy scarf, and voila!


Linen slip dresses for the win

You instantly associate slips with summer or spring, but with layering being all the rage this year, a linen slip dress becomes non-negotiable. Traditionally, your slip dress would gel with a playful summer bag and sandals. Our favorite Kate Linen Dress is available in three different colors to suit your mood.

The perfect companion for all seasons, the pure cotton linen of this dress gets softer with every wash and provides wearability and comfort all day long. Once the chill sets in, you can style this stylish women's dress under your best blazer or cozy sweater. For not-so-chilly days, a simple T-shirt or bodysuit ought to do the job.

    Bonus Tip: Accessorize to your heart’s content!

    This season when it’s not that hot, or too cold is the perfect time to bring out your accessories. A scarf, a chic bag, or a hat can all be embedded easily into your outfit without hurting your eyes. 

    Fall waits for no one, and neither should you. With Cosset Clothing, your choices become ecologically responsible and you can proudly contribute towards the betterment of our planet. Purchase all the sustainable clothing you need to brave through the fall now!

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