Making Eco Friendly Fashion Fun with Cosset Clothing

Today, eco-friendly fashion is more important than ever before. Globally, conscientious shoppers are requesting more environmentally-friendly goods, including apparel. It's a component of the fashion revolution, not merely a trend. Like green, slow, and sustainable fashion, eco-friendly fashion is a trend within the apparel industry that aims to lessen the environmental effects of clothing consumption and production. It comes as no surprise that the fashion sector severely contributes to climate change. It ranks among the biggest worldwide polluters. It generates enormous amounts of waste, pollution, and carbon emissions.


Getting Started with Eco-Friendly Fashion

If you are new to eco-friendly fashion, it can be very overwhelming and we completely understand. Words like conscious, responsible, slow, sustainable and ethical are thrown at you from all directions, with no proper criteria for each term. You struggle with taking the first step, picking the right brands and choosing the appropriate garments. However, considering the state of ‘fast fashion’ today, it becomes essential. 

The last 20 years have witnessed a phenomenal increase in the disposable nature of fashion. Purchasing new clothing is being treated like a daily chore. Fast fashion has made it simpler, quicker, and more affordable to shop for the newest trends in high-street stores. However, it is crucial that people realize the detrimental effects of their purchasing habits. Fast fashion threatens human health, animal lives, and ecosystems. It pollutes the air, land, and water by releasing toxic compounds into the environment, plastic microfibers, and deforestation.


The Cosset Initiative

This is where Cosset Clothing comes in. Designed using eco-friendly, natural and sustainable fabrics, Cosset produces fashionable essentials for your capsule wardrobe. Made responsibly in India, our pieces transcend trends and seasons alike. 

Our products are the solutions to the problems posed by fast fashion. We promote a more cautious approach to buying, producing, and using clothing to lessen the environmental damage our wardrobes otherwise cause. Our clothes take a greener stance and are the epitome of slow and sustainable fashion. 

At Cosset, we encourage a more socially conscious method of making clothing. The main objective is to eliminate practices that harm the environment and to create silhouettes that grant versatility, durability and functionality to your wardrobe.

Choosing The Right Fabrics

Alternative textiles are rightly seen as the foundation of sustainability. It's crucial to consider the fabrics and materials used in clothing and accessories while purchasing because some are far more planet-friendly than others. Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural materials are often light and breathable for your skin in any condition. Natural textiles are a smart choice in the summer heat because they are naturally moisture absorbing and have antibacterial characteristics, keeping you feeling fresh all day.

Here are some of the fabrics that we use at Cosset Clothing: 

Rose Petal Fibers are used to create some of the finest, ultra-lightweight fabrics that feel second to skin with their petal-soft touch. They keep the skin dry on a hot, humid day. For example, this Timeless Satin Shirt in Butter totally belongs in your minimalist wardrobe. With a universally flattering silhouette, the luxe finish of this shirt is a complete dream. 

Our products made from Orange Peel Fibers are very lightweight and are perfect for beating the heat. The glossy satin fabric is elegance personified. This Satin Camisole in Cashew drapes delicately across your body with a cowl neck and fine rouleaux straps. It is sustainable and sexy; the perfect combination!
Pure Cotton is super moisture absorbent and heat resistant. It is one of the best choices for all seasons due to its breathable nature. Consider our Blair Dress in Peony. Apart from the fact that this color is absolutely adorable, the dress hugs your curves gracefully and keeps you snug. With a flattering rib panel, a gracious hemline and knuckle-grazing bell sleeves, it cannot get any better.
We also use Pure Cotton Linen liberally in our apparel. It is one of the most versatile fabrics as it traps heat and repels static and bacteria. Case on point, these super cute Pure Cotton Linen Shorts in Vanilla. This piece is designed with an elasticated waistband and a pocket on each side, for superior comfort. The fabric gets softer with each wash and allows breathable movement throughout the day.

Quit the rat race of fast fashion

The next time the low price tag of a fast fashion product tempts you, try to remember that it is one of the main causes of climate change. The sector contributes to deforestation and requires a staggering amount of water for production, all the while damaging the environment with hazardous chemicals. It is never advised to promote fast fashion because many of these businesses not only have a terrible carbon impact but also employ unethical labor practices. Instead, it is always advisable to go for eco-friendly companies that are trustworthy, open, and dedicated to sustainability (yes, we essentially just described Cosset Clothing). 

Check out some of our Best Selling Sustainable Fashion Pieces here, and you’re now ready to take the first step toward a greener wardrobe. These pieces are absolutely essential for your transition to a minimalist wardrobe. The idea behind such a change is to cut your apparel to the bare essentials. It incorporates pieces that can be mixed and matched, thereby diminishing your overall consumption and waste.

It has never been simple to live sustainably, particularly when it comes to fashion. However, with a little bit of work, wiser choices, and the above-mentioned helpful advice, you may live a life that is both more eco-friendly and trendy.


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